• Bowen Testimonials

Spencer’s Mum (2 sessions)
I came to Kim with my 7 month old who had a lot of trouble sleeping day and night and was generally an unsettled baby since birth. Since the first session of Bowen, there has been a significant change in him. He sleeps through the night, has regular naps in the day and can self soothe. I’m thrilled to bits.

Anita (6 sessions, now 2 – 3 monthly)
The Bowen Technique ensures that my aches & pains disappear almost immediately. I have confidence in knowing that I can live a full life with Bowen maintenance when I need it. I had chronic backache before I discovered Bowen, now I can spend most of my time pain free.

James (4 sessions)
A major accident last year caused multiple pelvic breaks, leaving me with pains & flexibility problems. Bowen has helped hugely, eliminating pains & regaining most of my mobility. An excellent therapy & one I highly recommend.

Darren (2 sessions, now – as needed)
I had back pain from an epidural I had had 3 months previously & after my first Bowen treatment, the pain had pretty much all gone. After my second treatment, I had no pain at all. Now I don’t go to the Doctors when I get any pain, Bowen is all I need.

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• Bowen & Lymphatic Stimulation Testimonials

Sheila (4 sessions, now monthly)
For years I had suffered from continual pain in my neck, shoulder & arm due to office work. After 3 treatments with Kim, the pain had gone & this continues with top up sessions. I have now been able to take up crafts again, something I had given up hope of. In addittion, I have suffered from swollen ankles for over 30 years. After one session of Lymphatic Stimulation, they have significantly improved.

• Bowen & EFT Testimonials

Rochelle (3 sessions, now 4 – 6 weekly)
I started having Bowen to ease my back pain & after a couple of treatments, the pain had stopped. Then I fell pregnant & having Bowen regularly helped massively. I also had EFT sessions which helped with the morning sickness & my fear of needles.

• Facial Rejuvenation Testimonials

Amie (2 sessions, then moved up North)
I have been promising myself a relaxing facial for nearly 12 months now, and I just didn’t come across the right person that I connected with, that I liked the sound of what they did and offered. Then I met Kim and just loved the idea of her relaxing Facial Rejuvenation Massage, it was just what I needed. To me, it was the perfect way to relax and put some energy back into my skin.

• Hopi Ear Candling Testimonials

Simon (1 session)
Kim recently gave me a Hopi Ear Candle treatment. Kim was very calm and open in explaining the process and benefits of the treatment to me, and made sure throughout I felt at ease. Kim’s treatment room is an oasis of tranquility from our busy lives, and I recommend everyone should take some time out for a treatment at some time.

• Food Intolerance Testing Testimonials

Bob (1 session)
For years, I have suffered tiredness and more recently, feelings of being poisoned. Previous intolerance tests have proved limited or difficult to understand. This recent test with Kim covers a wide range of items and after modifying my diet, has resulted in increased energy and my body back in balance.

• EFT Testimonials

Susan (8 sessions)
Kim helped me through a period of my life when big changes where taking place. I had lost a substantial amount of weight & met a new man after spending many years on my own.
I struggled to keep the weight off & was feeling confused about my relationship with Charlie.
What Kim & the EFT did for me was to make me deal with the real deep seated problems I had with intimate & caring interactions with others. I had always been somewhat detached & felt like I was on the outside looking in, hoping to find love & affection but never believing anyone would want to care for me.
The Emotional Freedom Technique helped me come to terms with these issues & as our sessions continued, other things came to surface which I had not realised were adding to my confused state.
Kim helped me see that I was a decent, loveable person, & whilst I still have to try hard to keep on top of my weight problem, I am not putting on, but have lost some. More importantly, I don’t beat myself up about it & I get on with life. If I feel like I may slip back, I tap on the points Kim showed me & repeat the reinforcing statements.
As for my doubts about my relationship with Charlie – we have been married a year & are very happy.

Kim Billinghurst
Cert E.C.B.S
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