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I am so pleased to be able to offer this new test as some clients present with persisting symptoms that don’t respond to therapy. I really do believe that there are so many toxins that we’re absorbing or ingesting every day. For some of us, our bodies struggle to cope and then we suffer a variety of symptoms such as chronic fatigue, headaches, bloating, gut pain etc. Sound familiar?

It can be very difficult to work out what foods or even non-foods are effecting us. Is it a food or a chemical or a component of food such as a protein? By having an intolerance test, all the guesswork is taken away and you’ll get a list of what items your body has shown a response to. You can then eliminate these items for about four weeks then slowly re-introduce to find out which you can tolerate in small doses and which you can’t. All I need, is a sample of your hair.

Test. Intolerance

The strands of hair are sent for testing and results are returned pretty quickly. Your hair is then tested against almost 300 food items and over 300 non-food items. It includes a nutritional deficiency test against 80 nutrients and you can get up to 5 additional items tested against such as pet hair, medication etc. This costs £54

Test. hair-test-sample

There is also the options to be tested against 24 metals for £102

Testimonial (Bob. 48yrs old)

For years, I have suffered with tiredness and more recently, have often come home saying I was feeling poisoned. I have had previous intolerance testing, but these have proved limited or difficult to understand. This recent test with Kim, covers a wide range of items and has allowed me to modify my diet, resulting in increased energy and body back in balance.

So if you think you react to something you eat, feel ill for no reason, then maybe an intolerance test could help you take control and start to feel better.

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