Lymphatic Information

General Lymphatic Information

Lymphatic flow can stagnate for many reasons, such as swelling, chronic inflammation, lack of physical activity, structural imbalance, stress, fatigue & emotional shock.

Your Lymphatic system helps fluid & waste leave the body. When this system becomes blocked, fluid can build up & stagnate making you feel sluggish and prone to viral or contagious diseases.

The Lymphatic system relies on muscular/skeletal movement so regular gentle exercise is important as is drinking plenty of water.

After a Lymphatic Stimulation session, you may feel tired & thirsty so extra water intake is recommended. If you feel achey or get a headache, this could be due to the de-toxing effect of the therapy. Again, increase your fluid intake & make regular, short walks for the rest of the day. Avoid hot baths.

Please note: There are some contraindications where this therapy should be avoided. These include acute inflammation, malignant tumors, thrombosis & major heart attacks. If you have any doubts, please consult your doctor before proceeding with therapy sessions.

Kim Billinghurst
Cert E.C.B.S
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