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Having to sort out my business to be GDPR has made me look at my website and I thought I’ll check when I last did a blog post. Well, I was horrified it was in 2015!!
So here I am, checking back in to give you an update on my absence.
Oct 2014 bought various health issues to the family. First my Mum then my husband.
I think I started feeling out of sorts around 2014/15 but wasn’t really aware of it.
Just episodes of tiredness which I put down to low iron.
Around August 2016 I found a lump on the base of my neck. Tests showed it was a nodule of a multi nodular goitre resulting in a partial thyroidectomy in March 2017 which then became infected and the scar was reopened and the area cleaned a week later.
Blood tests showed my thyroid was slightly hypothyroid but not enough for medication and that I had thyroglobulin antibodies. Hence me feeling out of sorts – tired and lethargic.
So this last year 2017/18 has been quite interesting doing research to help my thyroid heal and I’m pleased to say my thyroglobulin antibodies have reduced to almost nothing. I’ll write a blog later about what I did. Thyroid function still needs to improve though!
So here we are in May.
I feel better. Not 100% but better than previous years.
I’m still doing my therapies – Bowen being the main one and of course I still have regular
Bowen sessions myself.
Happy to say I am now GDPR compliant and if interested, you can view my privacy policy here.


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