Children and Avoiding backpain

Just like adults, children can suffer from back pain. So how can we help them to avoid this?

Stretching and exercising
It’s really important to make sure children get out and about every day. Running around and getting fresh air is important for us all and it’s all too easy to play computer games or sit and watch television. Encourage them to go out to play, take them to a park regularly, take a dog for a walk, go on nature walks or go for bike rides.
When our weather turns cold, just wrap up warm or create activities at home to get them moving.
Wii fit/sports is great for all ages and who remembers Twister? Great for stretching and a good laugh!

Check Their Backpacks
Make sure their backpack fits comfortably and isn’t too heavy. Read this article for detail and suggestions.

Keep a watch on your children as they grow and watch for warning signs like persistent aches and pains, numbness and tingling or bad posture. If needed, get them checked out by your GP and remember that therapies like Bowen can help relieve these symptoms.


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