Gentle Detoxing

Personally, I’m not one for big detox diets where you half starve yourself and live on fruit and veg or less for days/weeks on end – I like my food too much! For me, I prefer to live life as healthily as possible and do what I can to reduce my intake of toxins all year round. What are toxins? … Continue reading

Children and Avoiding backpain

Just like adults, children can suffer from back pain. So how can we help them to avoid this? Stretching and exercising It’s really important to make sure children get out and about every day. Running around and getting fresh air is important for us all and it’s all too easy to play computer games or sit and watch television. Encourage … Continue reading

Hopi Ear Candling

Hopi Ear Candling is an ancient and natural therapy handed down by many civilisations. The practice reached the modern world via the native American Hopi Indians of North Arizona. The candles are still made today on the basis of the old traditional formula originating from the Hopi Indians. This technique (also known Thermal Auricular Therapy) is often used to offer … Continue reading

Events, new therapy room and new ventures

I recently had a stall at a Wellbeing event in our local village of East Preston and this was well attended. I gave 10 tasters all of which were received well. Facial Rejuvenation was popular! This saturday, 6th July, I’ll be attending another health event – Sat 6th July 10am – 1.30pm at the Parish Hall in Rustington.   Free tasters … Continue reading