Gentle Detoxing

Personally, I’m not one for big detox diets where you half starve yourself and live on fruit and veg or less for days/weeks on end – I like my food too much! For me, I prefer to live life as healthily as possible and do what I can to reduce my intake of toxins all year round. What are toxins? … Continue reading

Children and Avoiding backpain

Just like adults, children can suffer from back pain. So how can we help them to avoid this? Stretching and exercising It’s really important to make sure children get out and about every day. Running around and getting fresh air is important for us all and it’s all too easy to play computer games or sit and watch television. Encourage … Continue reading

Therapy sessions available to raise money for Iona-May

Book a therapy session of your choice, pay a donation and all money taken will be given to Iona-May’s fund. Choose a relaxing Facial Rejuvenation or Thai Foot massage or you may be interested in trying Bowen Therapy and see how it could help ease your aches and pains.               More information can be … Continue reading

New testimonials 2013

I am so grateful to all my lovely clients. It has been a pleasure to meet them and know that they have benefited from these therapies. Here are some testimonials I have received this year. ”Hi Kim, I just wanted you to know that I am already feeling some benefit from your treatment yesterday. I can move my neck without … Continue reading