Keep Your Heart Healthy

Keep active         Make an effort to move around the house more Whatever your age, walking is great way to improve circulation Yoga, Tai Chai and pilates are gentle but still effective More energetic activites include swimming, cycling and jogging Avoid sitting in one position for too long. Take regular breaks from the computer, walk and stretch … Continue reading

Living Healthily The Gentle Way

There are many ways to keep fit and healthy, and a lot of people favour high impact exercise. For some, this is not achievable or advisable, especially if – You’re pregnant You have chronic problems, such as arthritis, osteoporosis or stress fractures You’ve injured your joints, bones or connective tissue You’re very overweight You’re new to exercise So – what’s … Continue reading

Therapy sessions available to raise money for Iona-May

Book a therapy session of your choice, pay a donation and all money taken will be given to Iona-May’s fund. Choose a relaxing Facial Rejuvenation or Thai Foot massage or you may be interested in trying Bowen Therapy and see how it could help ease your aches and pains.               More information can be … Continue reading