Avoiding backpain when gardening

Spring is here and we’ll be thinking of gardening, but what can we do to avoid those nagging aches and pains we sometimes get in our backs?  Here are a few tips to follow: –

Warm up first. If it’s chilly first thing, wait till later in the day when it’s warmer. Stretch out your muscles or go for a walk first.

Make sure the ground isn’t too wet or too dry, otherwise it will make digging harder and put more of a strain on your back.

Do short bursts of gardening with breaks. Avoid full days – if possible, make a list of jobs and spread over a few days/weeks.

Take regular breaks to move about. Walk, stretch your legs and arms.

Try to keep your back straight, bend your knees and avoid twisting especially when you are carrying heavy loads like a spadeful of dirt. If possible, avoid lifting heavy objects.

Use your legs – they are our strongest muscles.
Use them for support and bend them when reaching down. Avoid bending at the waist.

Use mulch on the borders to reduce weeds and keep the soil soft.

Maybe get raised beds to help reduce the bending. Trailing plants can help cover the edges. Make borders narrow so you don’t have to lean too far.

Drink enough water to keep hydrated especially when warm.


Gardening: short video on avoiding back pain whilst digging:


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